Smithers Mountain Bike Association


The Bulkley Valley boasts a wide range of riding oppurtunities. From fast flowy single track to epic mountain rides to technical steep downhill there is something for everyone. The Smithers Mountain Bike Association has taken over the management of bike trails in three trail networks:

  •        -The Bluff Recreation Site
  •        -Piper Recreation SIte (Upper Hudson Bay Mtn)
  •        -Ptarmingan Recreation Trails

There are also a number of trails in other areas of the valley.

Trail descriptions are available through the menu bar on the left.  If you only have a bit of time or don’t want to drive to ride we recommend The Bluff Recreation Area right which is right across the tracks from town. These trails are also the earliest to be snow free in the spring, and seem to hold up best when conditions get wetter.

Click here for Current Trail Conditions


A map of our three main trail networks (see below) is now available at both of the local bike shops.