Trail Maintenance

Trail maintenance in Smithers occurs through three mechanisms:

  1. SMBA Work Bees
  2. Adopt-A-Trail Program / Community Slack Forum
  3. Contracted Trail Maintenance

SMBA Work Bees:

Twice a year, the SMBA hosts a spring and fall work-bee to perform the basic maintenance required to keep the trail network sustainable and safe. The spring work-bee is focused on brushing of the trails to ensure clear site lines and proper drainage. The fall work-bee is focused on raking the trails of forest debris to ensure proper drainage in advance of the spring run-off.


The Adopt-A-Trail program began in 2017. The intent was to empower individual members assumes responsibility for the care and maintenance of a particular trail in the Smithers Trail Network. The individual is responsible for coordinating basic maintenance (e.g. tree clearing, raking).

If you want to join our Slack Message Board where we coordinate trail work – follow this link

Contracted Trail Maintenance:

With the support of our Sponsors and Membership, the SMBA contracts specific trail maintenance activity each season. This work is very specific and intensive and often requires substantive materials and machinery to complete the work. For more information on contracted trail work contact the SMBA at [email protected]

If you want to get involved in any of the above trail volunteer opportunities, email the SMBA at [email protected]

Events and Communications

In 2019, the SMBA established the Hype Committee to coordinate events, group rides, communication with members and general social activities. The Hype Committee is new and is open to member involvement. If you would like to get involved in generating the hype around mountain biking in Smithers, contact us at [email protected]