The 2021 season for Sprockids has changed due to COVID-19.

Fees: $60 for non-SMBA members / $35 for SMBA Members

*All Sprockids will recieve a T-shirt, Sprockids Passport of Accomplishment and Stickers.*

Bike & Helmet Check: All participants MUST have their bike and helmet checked PRIOR to the first session. Two options to complete the checklist are:

(1) A parent may choose to complete the checklist OR

(2) Take your bike to McBike – a flat rate of $20/bike will be charged (Sprockids Special). Please bring the form with you to the bike shop to be completed by one of the bike mechanics.

In either case, the completed form MUST be brought to the first session. A quick check will be done at the first session, for those who did not have the form completed at the bike shops.

For information on Sprockids check out their website at www.sprockids.com or contact the Smithers Sprockids at SmithersSprockids@gmail.com

Sign up https://zone4.ca/reg.asp?id=25898