Trail Etiquette

It’s great to see so many folks out enjoying the trails. We wanted to share some resources to help you safely ride the bluff with the increase in traffic.

Respect your fellow trail users

Directional Trails

Please familiarize yourself with our mixed-use and directional trails so that you’re not hiking up a downhill trail, or charging recklessly down a mixed-use or uphill track.

Yielding on trails

Please check out MountainBikingBC’s Trail Etiquette Guide for clear instructions on how to yield to other trail users 🥾🐴. For a quick summary

Bikers vs Hikers – in general bikers yield to hikers on shared trails. If a biker is working hard up a tough multi-purpose uphill, the hiker should yield.  On a bike-only trail hikers should yield and bikers should educate the hiker nicely. HOWEVER, a biker should never expect a hiker to yield.

Bikers vs Horses – playing chicken with a 1500lb animal is not wise. Stop, pull over, and talk to the horse and rider. Horses are prey animals and thus can be skittish. You want them to recognize you as a person not as a predator. Give the horse some distance before you continue your trek.

Bikers vs Bikers – uphill traffic gets the right of way on a two-way trail. Yes, that means sometimes getting a buzz kill having to stop for uphill traffic but, safety first. If you can’t handle this than ride a downhill-only trail or start competing at races.

Bikers vs Vehicles – Unlike a horse that can be easily spooked, a vehicle is manned by a person and they should yield to bikers.

Skidding, trail-braiding and mud riding

Pay respect to your trail-builders, don’t be a skidding, trail-braiding litterer. Avoid riding in the mud, but if its unavoidable make sure you ride right through it rather than around it!