Race Series is ON!

Virtual Race 4: August 12 – 21


The SMBA is excited to announce the first race of our 2022 five race series.

You will have five opportunities to race different segments during summer 2022. The combined time for all five races, wins. If you miss a race, you will take the slowest time for your category. We will announce the next race segment a week before it begins. Schedule below.

Each race is $10 for members. If you’re not a member, smell ya later.

We recommend that you pre-ride the course prior to your race lap to ensure that there is no trail debris.

The details of the course can be accessed on Strava

Make sure to log your race using Strava to ensure you’re included on the leaderboard.

We will have prizes for different categories.

We made a Kids Race Lap. Try it out with the little ones

Please pay attention to flags and as always, ride safely! See you out there!

Virtual Race 1: June 17-26 SHINING – SMOOTHIE
Virtual Race 2: July 1-10
Virtual Race 3: July 15-24
Virtual Race 4: August 12-23 NERVOUS SHAKEDOWN
In-Person Huckin Eh’ Race 5: Sept 9-10