UpChuck Race Registration 2021


UpChuck virtual race

SMBA/McBike virtual races are back! You have two weeks to get your fastest time on the bluff.

The details of the course can be accessed on Strava (uptrack -> shining -> smoothie)

You will be ranked based on your fastest total segment (climb AND descent – if you rest at the lookout it will count against your time).

Make sure to log your race using Strava to ensure you’re included on the leaderboard.

We will have prizes for different categories.

Please fill out this form so that we know your strava information and category.

Please pay attention to flags and as always, ride safely! See you out there!

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Additional safety instructions:

  1. If you're going to be moving quickly on the downhill, try to do your race at off-peak times (early AM, mid-afternoon weekday)
  2. Be extra careful at the intersection of shining and q2 junction - we will have signage but we don't want any collisions.
  3. Ride within your limits. If you plan on taking a technical trail feature (3 stooges goal post drop), scope it first.
  4. Ride with friends or have an emergency response plan in place. Know the exit routes from the trail.
  5. Check out our recent post on trail etiquette.