New Trail Feature- Pump Daddy

There’s a new Double Black Technical Trail Feature (TTF) on Pump Daddy. The new TTF is a dirt step-up jump onto a wooden top deck followed by a mandatory 2.4m (8ft) drop with a dirt landing.

There is a ramp between the jump and the top deck, but this ramp is not intended to be ridden, it is to catch those that are short on the step-up. Although Pump Daddy is a Black Diamond Trail the Whistler Trail Standards (WTS) allows for Double Black features to exist on a Black Diamond trail, so long as they are not on the primary path of travel. This feature takes intent to hit, is signed to alert riders about its presence, and is off the primary traveled path (though only a slight left, grass will grow between the lines eventually).

This TTF is classified as a Double Black due to the size of the drop and magnitude of the stunt, it is well constructed, but only for expert rider’s use!