AGM Brings New Beginnings

The SMBA hosted their ‘COVID friendly’ 10th Annual AGM on June 25th at the Smithers Bike Park. With so much happening and many questions, the team decided that it was a must. 

We saw an outstanding turnout, which tells us that people are riding and they are keen to know more. With all things COVID we noted that communication, sharing of information, both internal and external, is lacking so we’ve made a commitment to improve.

As with all AGM’s we also voted in the 2020-2021 Board. There was significant change in the board, so the SMBA will spend the next few months learning each other’s strengths and weaknesses so we can build a strong team. 

Below is the outline of the 2020-2021 Board:

President- Jan Wengelin
Vice-President- Jaksun Grice
Secretary- Roger Ritsema
Treasurer- Brian Yamanaka

Trails Committee (Board members):
Dave Percy (Lead)
Nick Adamson (Lead)

Hype Committee (Board members):
Kathryn Boyd (Volunteers)
Danielle Rettie (Events)
Leanne Helkenberg (Communications)

The new board would like to extend sincere thanks to outgoing board members Kristen Brewer, Jeff McKay, Hannah Barnes, Laura Grant and Justin Calof.  You might still see these folks helping in other ways and ensuring there is smooth transition with the new board but we wanted to make sure they were thanked properly for their service so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!