We’re Hiring!

Mountain biking in Smithers is booming. In 2021, we registered over 500 members and have taken on ambitious goals to enhance, expand, and maintain our trail network.

As the workload and complexity of administering the SMBA’s projects have increased, we have come to the realization that we require a paid Executive Director like many other clubs of our size in the province.

An Executive Director will help us:

  • sustain our focus as we work towards our long-term vision
  • increase our capacity to serve the community
  • provide continuity and stability when dealing with stakeholders like Hudson Bay Mountain, Wetzin’kwa Community Forest, Rec. Sites and Trails BC etc.

As our association grows and volunteer support expands, the role of the Executive Director will evolve. In the immediate term, the E.D. will provide support administering our grants and sponsorships, dealing with associated reporting requirements, and managing our various contracts for trail building and maintenance.

The Executive Director will report to the board and provide support to our volunteer-run organization.

Please follow the link to the full posting: https://glowing-anise-c7b.notion.site/Hiring-Executive-Director-abf6bd167cde4540a3902f0137942b61

If interested, please email **information@smithersmountainbike.ca** with a copy of your CV and a quick blurb about why you would be a great fit!