Smithers Mountain Bike Association

Ptarmigan Recreation Trails

The Ptarmigan RecreationTrails lie in the Wetzin'kwa Community Forest near Ptarmigan Road.  There are currently two trails in the network:  Huckin' Eh and Pump Daddy.

To access the trailheads, drive towards the ski hill on Hudson Bay Mountain Road and turn left on Ptarmigan Rd. Turn right on the Wood Creek Mainline near the end of Ptarmigan. You will see a pullout on your left about 200 metres up the road. You can either park here or shuttle up the Mainline to the trailheads. Both Huckin' Eh and Pump Daddy start 2.7 km up the road to your left - just before the gate.


Huckin' Eh

Huckin' Eh opened in early 2009. This trail epitomizes flow and is suited for most abilities. There are two large stunts on Huckin' Eh — a large drop and a committing slab run off a boulder — but both have ride-arounds.

The trail ends at a junction with a quad trail. Take a left to get back to the parking area at the bottom of Wood Creek Mainline. Partway up the quad trail you will see another quad trail that takes off to the right.  Follow this one if you want to finish off on Whistler Rd.


Pump Daddy

Pump Daddy was completed in late 2010.  It is a machine-built trail with so many berms and tabletop jumps that you will think you're riding in a bike park.  When the trail changes to more old-school singletrack, keep your eyes open for the cliff-side trestle to wall-ride combo near the bottom.

The trail ends on the same quad trail as Huckin' Eh.