Smithers Mountain Bike Association

Piper Recreation Area

Piper Down

Probably the best named trail in the valley, Piper Down launches from near the Prairie T-Bar on Hudson Bay Mountain. It is best known for its gap jump over the crash site of a Piper airplane. To access the trailhead drive up the ski hill road until you can’t drive anymore and park in the parking lot. There is a short hike-a-bike to your left up towards the large “ski cabin” at the top of the hill. The trail leaves from the top of the knoll and is marked. It finishes in the clearcut which is accessed off of Hudson Bay Mountain Rd, on the left just abouve McDonald Lake Rd. cutoff.

Piper Cross

Piper Cross diverges to the left from Piper Down once you reach the rock slab in the clearing. This is the course for the annual Piper Cross race and includes fast single track, steep rock slabs and technical gullies. The 2nd rock slab has a ride around – look for it on the right. This trail has some exposure so ride within your limits and be safe. Both Piper Cross and Piper Down finish at the same place.

The Back Door

The Back Door is the longest shuttle trail in the valley. It is also the wettest around. When the weather has been rainy we do not recommend riding this trail. However, when this trail is dry it is 7km of amazing, sustained single track guaranteed to make you giggle. The top section has some wall rides and skinnies. This trail has a few advanced stunts with ride-arounds. To access the trailhead drive to Hudson Bay Mountain ski hill and park at the lodge. Follow the maintenance road under the t-bar and up to the right. Look for the trail on your right towards the top of the run.