Smithers Mountain Bike Association

Other Trails Around the Bulkley Valley

Call Mountain Trail

(BC Parks Description) This trail is well suited to novice-intermediate riders. There are some steep ascents and descents, and some short technical sections, but for the most part it is smooth trail riding. At the trailhead, stay left to take the lower trail down by Call Lake and you will loop back up to the ridge. You will enjoy amazing views of Hudson Bay Mountain and Smithers from the ridge. To access this trail, head east on Hwy 16 for 3 km and turn left at the churches on Upper Viewmount Rd. Take your first right onto Van Gaalen Rd and follow that to the very end of the road. This is a BC Provincial Park, so please stick to the designated trails.

Cronin Pass

(BC Parks Description) Looking for full day adventure and some stunning alpine scenery? The Cronin Trail traverses through the Babine Provincial Park, past remnants of old mines, over Hyland Pass, and down through Silverking Basin to Driftwood. It is a bit of a grunt on the way up, but well worth the effort. It is best if you have someone to drive you to the trailhead, at kilometre 37 along Babine Lake Rd, or drop a car at the Driftwood entrance of the park and shuttle out to the trailhead yourself. Expect to take 4-7 hours depending on your fitness and riding ability. We would rate this as an advanced ride simply because it is quite physically demanding. Alternatively, you can park at the Sunny Point parking lot on the Driftwood side and ride to Joe L’Orsa cabin in Silver King Basin (17km round trip) .

Twin Falls trail

This trail is short but sweet. It has an old school feel to it with steep down hills and some small stunts. You can see the remnants of old scary skinnies 10-15 ft off the ground. To reach the trailhead drive west on Highway 16, turn left on Lake Kathlyn Rd and left at Glacier Gulch Rd. You will see a pull out on your right at the bottom of a steep hill. Park there and ride up the road approx 2 km. The trailhead is easy to miss but will be on your right. The trail splits along a ridge into 3 descent options — each is less steep as you move down the ridge.

Malkow Lookout

This is a local favorite for hiking, biking and horseback riding, so please be aware of other trail users. This trail is for novice to intermediate riders, but requires quite a bit of climbing to get to the lookout. There are two options for the descent: either follow the same trail that you came up on along the access road, or look for a smaller trail to riders’ right off the top of the lookout. This second option is more advanced riding with some steeper pitches. This alternate trail is not signed, so for more detailed description check in at one of the bike shops before you head out. To extend the ride, head out by bike from town. To get to the trailhead drive east on Highway 16, turn left at Old Babine lake road and left again at McCabe Rd. The parking lot is on the left directly across from the Logpile Lodge.

Smithers Perimeter Trail

This all-purpose non-motorized recreation trail was built to serve the needs of local bikers, cross-country skiers, horse enthusiasts, and pedestrians. It is a scenic community trail linking neighborhoods, streets, rivers and nature parks. It is a 10km gravel loop with gentle grades and is ideal for novice riders. It crosses the highway near Canadian Tire in the east and Chicken Creek in the west, but can be accessed from many different points – just ask anyone in the community how to get to the Perimeter Trail.