Smithers Mountain Bike Association

Current Trail Conditions

 The table below lists current trail conditions.  We do our best to keep this page updated, but please ride with care and watch for downed trees and wet spots. You can also join our email list for regular updates, join here.

If you see something that looks unsafe, or you want to share the latest conditions with others, please send us an email or post on our Facebook page.

Have fun, ride safe and thanks for respecting your trails and the voluntary posted closures. 

Update, April 28, 2017:

Trails are open! Thanks to the Adopt-a-trail team for their hard work in getting the trails ready. Most of the Bluff Trails are now open - as always, please respect any "trail closed" signs you encounter, and stay on the trail. 

Bike Park OPEN
The Bluff Recreation Area - XC
Boardwalk Trail Open
Uptrack Open
All Screwed Up Open
Meanstreak Closed
Back in Black Closed
Stiff Upper Lip Closed
Soul Stripper Open
Long Way Open
Upper Remembrance Day Closed
Broken Axe Closed
Nervous Shakedown  Closed
The Bluff Recreation Area - Downhill
Penetralia Open
Smoothie Open
Auntie Flo Open
Lower Auntie Flo Closed
The Shining Open
Four Horsemen Open
Remembrance Day Open
Skitzo Open
Piper Down Recreation Area
Fuzzy Monkey Closed
Piper Down Closed
Piper Cross Closed
Pay Dirt Closed
Backdoor Closed
Ptarmigan Road Recreation Trails
Huckin' Eh Closed
Pump Daddy Closed