Smithers Mountain Bike Association

SMBA Update, September 2009

September 24, 2009

September 2009

25/09/09: The Smithers Mountain Bike Association is seeking quotes from contractors interested in providing trail design, mapping and supervision services.

18/09/09--NEW DOWNHILL TRAIL GETS AIR TIME ON NSMB FORUM: Click here to check out photos and comments posted on NSMB's forum page.

11/09/09--JOB OPPORTUNITIES TRAIL WORK UPDATE: The trail crew has been hard at work since our last update. Much of the steep, rocky chunder formerly known as upper Piper Down has been transformed into smooth, flowy ribbons of dirt that riders of all abilities will enjoy. Please take it easy on your first lap through the new sections, as there may still be some hazards that haven't been removed from our never-ending "to do" list. Also, please stay off of the Piper trails if they are wet. The crew has spent countless hours swinging Pulaskis to get the trails in top shape so let's keep them that way. New Piper Cross wallride

The yet-to-be-named machine-built trail on Hudson Bay Mountain is starting to look a lot like something you would see in a place where you have to pay to play. It's getting smooth, the tabletops are getting dialled in and the berms are starting to firm up. The only things missing are a chairlift and the crowds. We are hoping to have the trail complete and rideable by the end of September/early October. Stay tuned for more updates and information as we get closer to completion.

The Bulkley Valley will soon have a beginner "Green Circle" style mountain bike trail! The new trail will link the bottom of Piper Down/Piper Cross/New Trail to a shared use parking area just off of the ski hill road up and across from the gravel pit. This section of trail will have zero steeps, no gnar and believe it or not, no airtime unless you know how to bunnyhop. Tame and lame? Nope. Think Star Wars on two wheels and you should get an idea of what we're shooting for.

First Stages of the SMBA machine built trailOctober will see us focusing our efforts on the Bluff. Expect to see major improvements/overhauls to all of your favourite trails and stunts in the near future. Some of the proposed highlights include a new uptrack that is rideable for people with resting heart rates above 23, a rebuilt and vastly improved access trail from the Duthie trailhead (locally known as the boardwalk trail) and some new sections of trail that are still top secret. Stay tuned for more information, and if you're riding the bluff during work hours, please ride with care and keep your eyes and ears open for the trail crew.

Last but definitely not least, the SMBA is proud to report that with the help of provincial and federal grants and local support, we've now invested in excess of $75,000 into mountain biking in Smithers, supporting the local economy, and creating 7 jobs!

If you see any of our hard working trail crew on the street, or better yet, in the pub, say hello and buy them a refreshing beverage. They are: Jake Young, Kevin Whitecotton, Robbie Dennis, Mark Meyer, Wayne Julseth, Keith Barendregt and Jeremy Roscoe.

Until next time, ride hard, have fun and keep the rubber side