Smithers Mountain Bike Association

Recreation Sites and Trails Closure of Bluff Rec Site

May 16, 2017

Attention all trail users: Recreation Sites and Trails BC has taken the step of officially closing the Bluff Recreation Site under the Forest Recreation Regulation.

  • - More information on this closure can be found on the Rec Sites and Trails website. The closure will be enforced by Compliance and Enforcement staff.
  • - This action is being taken to prevent further environmental damage as a result of ongoing trail use that has occurred despite the SMBA's voluntary closures.
  • - This year has been remarkably different from other years - in addition to the ground being more frozen than usual, we have had a wet, cool spring, that hasn't given the ground a chance to dry out.
  • - We understand similar closures are being implemented in Houston and Burns Lake, which have experienced similar conditions to Smithers.
  • - We all want to get out riding - the trails will be assessed regularly, and will be reopened when conditions allow. 

Please share widely with your friends, and STAY OFF THE TRAILS.